Elmos launches 2nd generation FlexRay™ star coupler

With the device E981.56, Elmos introduces the second generation of its series-produced active FlexRay™ star coupler. The first component worldwide, it has been awarded the certification according to the updated FlexRay™ electrical physical layer (EPL) specification V3.0. The E981.56 fulfills the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers with respect to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Full downward compatibility with the preceding device E910.56 is provided.

With the active star coupler, up to four branches of a FlexRay™ network can be connected with each other. For this purpose, the Elmos device provides four independent physical bus drivers for transmitting and receiving FlexRay™ messages. Configuration and mode control by means of a microcontroller and the exchange of diagnosis data are executed via the SPI compatible host-controller interface. The also implemented interface to a communication controller enables the use of the component E981.56 as a standard transceiver. Moreover, autonomous operation – with the star coupler acting as repeater – is possible entirely without the connection to a controller.

The Elmos device E981.56 is especially designed for use in gateways and domain controllers placed in the center of a star-shaped FlexRay™ network. The number of the network’s supported branches can be increased according to a modular principle by connecting several star couplers with each other via the available intra-star interface. In order to further expand the scaling options, Elmos will present a FlexRay™ star coupler with two branches shortly.

The device E981.56 comes in a QFN package (Quad Flat No-leads) of 9 mm edge length with 44 pins. It is made for a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and a supply voltage range of 5.5 V to 18 V. Qualification according to AEC-Q100 has been completed successfully.